Chef Made Gourmet All Natural Molokai Venison Jerky.


Chef Ignacio's traditional Jerky methods and recipes, a taste of heritage in every bite.


Years of learning to track, make bows & arrows, hunt, family recipes, traditional methods for harvesting, preparing and growing foods all combine to make this incredible healthy gourmet snack for satisfying any connoisseur of jerky products. Ignacio began learning and honing his skills at age 5 and infuses his Apache heritage, as well as local Hawaii products and flavors.

Super tasty and you can taste the goodness. I went back and ordered 6 more on my first try.
— Kimo Asing, The Carnival
Can’t eat just one piece, I take on all my adventures.
— Matt J, Oahu Fresh
Mind-blowingly good brah. A necessity on all my surf trips and a great gift abroad.
— Davey Boy, Pro Surfer
Can I have more? Can I just have a whole deer like this?
— Cruz, Nephew that won't eat much anything else

There's a flavor for everyone.